Our Aims

High Quality Childcare

Our main aim is to provide high quality childcare in a loving, relaxed, happy and secure atmosphere, within a carefully planned, calm, reassuring and emotionally secure environment. We aim to instill high standards of social skills and behavior as we pay great importance to good manners and respect for others.

Encouraging the Children

We aim to encourage the children to fully enjoy all the new challenges and experiences that we will offer them and for them to see what a fun time they can have with us. We aim to encourage each child to make their own friends and to gain trust and confidence in their teachers enabling them to form close bonds.

Independence and Confidence

We aim to build each child's independence and confidence so that with our wide variety of resources, they will be highly stimulated to reach their full learning potential, at their own pace. We want children to feel able to ask questions and find out the answers with guidance or individual exploration.

Enthusiastic Manner

We aim to ensure that as well as developing play and having lots of fun and games, we direct the children in an enthusiastic manner and by way of the governments Early Learning Goals and the Montessori Method, whilst the children still feel that they are just having fun.

Positive Understanding

We aim to encourage the children to feel free to express their own thoughts and opinions and to listen to those of others. We will help develop a positive and understanding attitude towards all races, religious beliefs, languages, gender and disabilities. Children are encouraged to realise both each others similarities and differences and understand that this is what makes us all special.

Close Relationship

We aim to develop a close relationship with you, keeping you fully informed of your child's progress and what they have done whilst you have entrusted them into our care. You will always know and understand your child best, so please let us know of any new likes and dislikes, etc.